Monday, 14 January 2013 15:38

Outdoor deck improvements, Virginia

0213d37f ce59 433f b707 0ae445559d41Making outdoor improvements is a more popular trend for homeowners now than ever before! Instead of expanding the interior footprint of their homes, many are choosing to expand the footprints of their decks instead. Homeowners are finished with remodeling the inside of their homes … they’re ready to spend more time enjoying their backyards. Like interior renovation,outdoor construction projects expand total living space while increasing home value. By choosing to expand on the exterior, people are more able to engage recreationally with their families, their yards and their neighbors. 

An important question to consider when designing a deck is how to make the outdoor living space more desirable and entertainment ready. Many are opting for outdoor kitchens, fire pits and hot tubs. Multilevel decks with dining areas on one level, and seating areas on another are popular trends.

Creative deck designs always utilize the maximum amount of space in the yard. And shouldn’t a homeowner want to use as much of their yard as possible, given the amount of money paid for every inch of it?