replaceyourdeckYour deck is outside in the elements all year, which means that it will probably need repairs at some point. If the weather damage to it is severe, you may have to replace it entirely. It is therefore important to find out which types of damage are relatively minor and which call for you to invest in a new deck. You will have to inspect your deck carefully to determine its condition. Pay attention to the following factors during your inspection:

Weathered Material

The material used to construct your deck will determine how it stands up to wear. For instance, real wood reacts to the elements differently when compared to composite boards or vinyl. Vinyl and composite decks may fade while wood decks can sometimes warp. Depending on the material, you may only need to replace a few damaged boards or you may need to do a wholesale replacement.

Weakened or Loose Fasteners

Your deck's fasteners can come loose because of the expansion and contraction caused by warm and cold weather. Oxidization can also be a problem because of exposure to the air. Oxidation can weaken fasteners.If the hardware is loose or has been weakened, your deck may be unsafe and you may need to replace it. 

A Sagging Frame

Rot makes a wood deck more vulnerable to termite infestation. As the termites eat, they make the wood more porous and this allows water to seep even deeper into it and speed up the rotting process. Rot and the termite damage cause the deck’s frame to sag, which is one of the signs that it needs to be replaced.

Cracked Wood

The expansion and contraction process that loosens fasteners can damage wood and composite board. In many cases, this can be repaired. If the damage is extensive, you may want to opt for a new deck made from a more stable material.

Weak Post Connections

The right fasteners are essential for a longer lasting deck. For example, the deck posts should be connected to the beam with galvanized carriage bolts. If the only fasteners used for this purpose are standard nails, your deck may be in danger of collapse and in need of replacement.

If you are unsure whether your deck needs small repairs or a complete replacement, contact us at Woodscape Construction today! Our experienced carpenters can help you to figure out what has to be done. 

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 15:46

How to Create a Usable Outdoor Space

Usable Outdoor SpaceIn Virginia, the seasons can be long, and the Great Outdoors are usually beautiful. Doesn't it only make sense to create usable outdoor space that allows you to take advantage of both of these regional characteristics to their full potential?

Usable outdoor space isn't as hard to create as you might think -- sometimes you just need a little creativity (or someone who's already done the online investigating!) Here are a few ways you can create usable outdoor space on your property:

Find the Right Furniture
Different types of outdoor furniture weren't only created to appeal to varying tastes of consumers; they're often meant to compliment unique spaces. Choose furniture that optimizes your deck, patio, or garden. You'll want to allow enough room to walk around it without making people feel like they're too distant to converse if they're sitting on it.

Extend Your Space with Pavers
Decks and patios can come with their own challenges and expenses. You may be faced with regulation or property barriers that prevent the implementation of porches. When you're trying to create usable outdoor space, don't rule out the idea of pavers or wood planks to elongate your outside living area.

Dream Big, Even if the Space is Small
Outdoor spaces have come a long way in the last few years, and even the smallest of spaces can be designed to be enjoyed the way nature intended. Multi-tiered decks are a great way to add dimension and separation to outdoor spaces. If you don't have room for a full-fledged patio, consider adding a gazebo to your backyard with a beautiful walkway to guide you and your guests from the house. The walkway alone can present visitors with your personal style based on variations of pavement, rocks, or wood.

Bring the Inside Out
Take into account the things you love to do when you're inside your home, and bring them outside. Do you love to cook? Entertain? Read? Everything you do inside can enhance your experience outside, especially if you plan accordingly for the things that truly bring you joy. Furniture, appliances, and the perfect setup can all do their part to help you bring the inside out so you enjoy your Great Outdoors.

Woodscape Construction is a premier deck builder in Virginia. If you'd like to learn how you can enhance or create usable outdoor space, give us a call or drop us a line!

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Best Deck Builder Virginia
Woodscape is the premier choice for people who are seeking a Virginia deck company because we are great at what we do! We believe in delivering only the most exceptional, high-quality designs, materials, and aesthetics to each and every one of our clients, and the love we put into our work shows in our final products.

Here are just a few of the reasons we're the best Virginia deck company:

We Love Your Vision
When you work with our team, we understand that we're an extension of your imagination. We get excited when you have ideas or images that you want to see play out in real life, and we are always happy to help if you're staring at a blank canvass. The Woodscape team is diverse, and many of us have been here since the company first started, which means we bring experience and open-mindedness to the table. We would love to show you our portfolio of decks if you need a few ideas, or we can sit down and start planning ways to bring things already in your imagination to real life.

We are Reputable 
Woodscape Construction is not the kind of Virginia deck company that relies on advertising to get the word out about our work; we're proud to say that our customers do a lot of that marketing for us. We're very proud of our reputation, and we'd love to provide you with references and portfolio pictures any time you'd like to see them.

We are Diverse 
Our business is built on the idea of beautifying your outdoor space. This means that our team of carpenters, designers, and builders can accommodate requests for decks, porches, gazebos, patios, walls, and walkways. Each challenge makes us better, and we love opportunities that make us grow.

We Embrace Consultations & Estimates
The Woodscape team understands that there's a lot at stake when you are designing, building, or renovating your outdoor space. We offer design consultations and estimates at no charge for two reasons: We're confident in the work we do, and we love to educate our customers with the best options that can empower them to make the decisions that are right for their individual situations.

Are you seeking a Virginia deck company that cares about its customers as much as the work it does? You've come to the right place! Contact a member of our Woodscape Construction team today!

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Designing a Deck in VirginiaAs a homeowner, you have the awesome opportunity to alter your home to match your mood and create enhancements that capture the beauty of the place where you've chosen to own property.  With Virginia's stunning landscape available at every angle, a deck, porch, patio, or outdoor entertaining space seems only natural. If you're considering designing a deck for your Virginia home, check out these tips:


Are You Going It Alone?  

DIY is a great idea in theory, but if you're construction novice, you might want to consider hiring help to help you through the process.  Event the "easiest" of deck projects can become moderate to hard obligations for experienced handymen, so if you're on the fence, you should at least bring in a professional for a consultation.


What's The Optimal Solution?

Decks, porches, and patios come in a seemingly endless array of shapes, sizes, and sorts.  You'll want to have an idea of what you want in mind, but you'll also need to understand which options are optimal for your particular property.  Here are some things to think about:

  • Have you done your homework to understand if your property is better suited for a deck or a patio?
  • Will you need stairs or protective railings?
  • How elaborate do you want your deck to be?  Are you imagining a raised deck with stairs, a two-story wonderland with multiple entrances, or a simple single-story space on which you can enjoy the world around you?


What's Your Budget?

Everything mentioned above is a baseline that begins with your ideal deck or patio, but money will make the final determination.  You can get a rough estimate by using a deck calculator so you have a reasonable grasp of your project's cost before you even begin.  If you've decided to use a professional company to help you as you're designing a deck and completing the construction, make sure you get estimates from your company of choice, and ask questions if you don't understand something.  Breaking your budget midway through can have devastating results, so you'll want to have a solid understanding of the financial implications before you even start designing a deck.


Can You Find Examples?

If you have a design in mind, try to find real-life examples even if you combine several pictures to get the perfect sample.

Looking for a little help designing a deck?  Check out our Woodscape Construction Project Planning Guide!

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Dollarphotoclub 636849As the winter months quickly come to a close, you may be dreaming of the many things you can do to welcome in the warmer weather. Fortunately, there are many fun things you and your family can do on your Woodscape deck that will have you loving every minute of your outdoor time. Here are a few of our favorites:

Plan a scavenger hunt: Using your deck as home base, plan an alphabet scavenger hunt in your back yard. Just make a label for each letter of the alphabet then set the kids loose to see if they can find an item for each letter. Whomever finds all 26 items first wins!

Plant a container garden: Nothing beats fresh veggies in the spring and summer! With just a few planters and some organic soil, you can grow your own vegetables this summer. Give vining veggies like pumpkin or cantaloupe room to grow upward by providing a sturdy trellis, and other top-heavy plants like tomatoes cages to keep them under control. You can also try companion planting to get the most out of your space.

Play lawn dice: Play a game of dice using a few blocks of wood that have been sanded down and branded with corresponding dots. Games like Farkle, Yhatzee or Craps make excellent party games because the rules are simple and multiple people can play. So break out the outdoor chalk board and challenge your friends to a friendly game of dice this summer.

Play life-sized chess: There is no time to be bored when there are board games to be played, and chess is no exception. If you've got the space, then why not make a checker board on you our deck using painters tape? After the board has been prepared, use black and while blocks of wood to play checkers, or use life-sized chess pieces for a more challenging game.

Summer is almost here. Celebrate with these fun deck activities for the whole family! To learn more about how a deck can transform your home, contact Woodscape Construction.


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Thursday, 16 October 2014 19:51

Deck Materials: Wood Decks vs Composite Deck

ba333e2e 176f 4e56 a8cd 11e93f7e2aad 1Adding a deck to your home is a great way to increase your living space, but it can be difficult to choose what type of materials to use. The most common deck construction materials are natural wood and composite.

This is the most commonly used in deck construction. Many people choose natural wood because they prefer the look, feel, and smell of a wooden deck.

Upkeep- Depending on the quality of wood, you will need to sand and re-stained your deck roughly every 2-5 years to prevent rot and maintain your deck’s visual appeal. Wood decks are popular in milder climates, as harsh elements like the sun, snow, and hail may wear faster, requiring frequent maintenance.

Lifespan- With proper maintenance, your wood deck should last from 30-50 years. To get the longest life out of your deck, consider a premium wood, and use high-quality stain at regular intervals.

Cost- Costs vary depending on the quality of wood you use. Premium wood like redwood usually requires less upkeep and has a longer lifespan than the lower cost options like pressure-treated pine.

This newer option is designed to look like real wood planks and is sometimes indistinguishable from natural wood. Composite wood manufactured from wood fiber and plastic and is quickly becoming a popular choice due to its durability and low maintenance.

Upkeep- Composite wood is designed to require very little upkeep. You never need to re-stain and it is resistant to pests and fading.

Lifespan- Since composite wood is designed with durability in mind, it usually will last longer than a natural wood dock. It will not rot or splinter, and holds up betteragainst the elements and normal wear and tear.

Cost- A Composite wood deck is usually more expensive to build, however many homeowners find that its low maintenance and high durability make it well worth the additional up-front cost.

When deciding which material to use in your deck construction, you must decide which factors are most important to you. Do you prefer the traditional look, feel, and smell of wood? If you do not mind the maintenance, a natural wood deck can be a great low-cost option. However if you are looking for a low-maintenance deck or live in a harsh climate, a composite wood deck may be a better choice for your needs.

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Woodscape is on Houzz!

houzzOur client's satisfaction is our top priority and of course, we love to hear feedback! Check out this great review from a great client:

"Earlier this year Woodscape Construction completed a deck, porch and pergola at our home in Oakton VA. The workmanship was outstanding and we can't believe we waited so long to have this done. The pergola which looks fantastic will add a much needed shade area next to our pool. We couldn't be happier.

We were so confident in their work we had them come out again last month to enlarge the stone pool deck and repair several areas that were loose. I would not hesitate to hire them again."

Click here to follow us on Houzz and leave a review!

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Leesburg deck construction

We built this open porch for a repeat customer in Leesburg Virginia. The porch was added to offer protection from the sun and in preparation for a future pool and patio. The roof support posts and trim are low maintenance PVC and the extended soffit offers a covered area for grilling. 

zientec.porch 1

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We build this low maintenance deck in the Willowsford Community in Loudoun County Virginia. We used Fiberon Horizons decking and the Trex Transcend railing. The patio under the deck stays dry because of the Trex Rain Escape under deck drainage system. The low maintenance beaded ceiling includes three ceiling fans.

pitzely 10

pitzely 12

pitzely 3

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Thursday, 30 May 2013 16:00

Before Your Build Your Deck

decGone are the days of the simple wood deck furnished with plastic fold-up chairs.  Decks of today are now outdoor living rooms with comfortable seating, cooking appliances, outdoor fireplaces, and built-in bars.  Building a deck, however, can be a very extensive project and should be well thought out and planned. Following are some things to consider before you begin the design process.

The Purpose of Your Deck

A well designed deck should be an expression of how you live.  It should look like an extension of your house with its style, size and decorative details matching your taste and fitting the way you and your family live.  Your deck should complement its environment and blend well with your home and the natural elements that surround it.  A truly attractive deck design is one that blends well with your existing home and landscape.


When determining how large your deck should be, consider all of the activities you want to take place on it.  Remember, in addition to needing enough room for the activity itself, you’ll also need to think about the traffic flow through and around the area, and the furniture you plan to use.  One helpful way to determine the size is to mark out the space on your grass using a hose, string line or marking paint.  This will give you a genuine feel for the space.


There are many different materials available.  Some homeowners opt for stained or sealed wood.  However, if low maintenance is the route you wish to take, there are excellent composite and vinyl options that are resistant to warping and rotting.  


To maximize the amount of use your deck gets, you must consider the direction your house and backyard faces.  If your deck faces the sun, you may need to think about how you will get shade.  Incorporating a pergola or other shade structure into your design will enhance your enjoyment on sunny, hot days.  You may also want to consider a design that maximizes privacy from neighbors.

A well-designed outdoor space will give your home extra desirability.

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