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The Newest Trends in Decking

multileveldeckOutdoor living spaces can add substantial square footage to any size home, not to mention a peaceful place to unwind and relax life's stresses away. Like anything else, outdoor living spaces have certain trends that tend to come and go over time.

We wanted to share some of the spikes in interest we are seeing where deck-building is concerned. Here are some of the latest trends in decking:

Composite Materials 
Employing the use of composite materials is one of the hottest trends in decking in the last five or so years. Composite materials tend to be much lower maintenance than their woody counterparts as they do not require staining each year. They're also much less susceptible to splintering, warping, cracking, swelling, and shifting than natural wood products. Generally speaking, composite materials are comprised of a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers, making them green and eco-friendly, too.

Multi-Level Decks 
Multi-level decks differ from multi-story decks in that they are essentially utilizing the same general space, vertically speaking, rather than creating an entirely different level. Whereas multi-story decks intentionally create space and distance between the two areas, multi-level decks actually facilitate interaction between the upper and lower portions. Multi-level decks are excellent for homeowners who like to entertain, as the various levels add depth and personality to the outdoor space without impeding the flow of conversation and interaction of the guests. This option allows homeowners to utilize the same square footage as they would with a single-level deck while adding architectural aesthetics that make the space more interesting.

The Color Gray 
Likely attributable to the fact that composite materials comprise one of the most notable trends in decking is a visible interest in a changing color palette. In recent years, people have increasingly been selecting shades of gray for their deck aesthetic as opposed to traditional woody brown shades.

Multi-Colored Creations 
Single-shaded decks are also becoming less common on newly-built or freshly-painted decks. Just as many homes' interiors include accent walls that contrast and compliment the worlds of bold and neutral colors, outdoor living spaces are beginning to showcase combinations of light and dark.

Composite materials offer flexibility in the shapes, too. Curved decks are becoming an increasingly popular option.

Would you like to update your current deck or build a new one using these latest decking trends? Contact us at Woodscape today!

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woodscapedeck32515Are you longing to spend the summertime lounging in a relaxing escape, right in your own backyard? Enjoying the afternoon as you grill burgers and hot dogs on your stunning patio? Without a doubt, quality decks are one of the top-rated features of homes in Virginia. For good reason too, with our amazing Virginia weather, everyone can’t wait to get outside!

Impressive Return on Investment
Making the decision to build a quality deck onto your home increases your enjoyment and will also increase your home’s value. According to, on average, homeowners recoup over 80% of their investment through an increased selling price. That’s a better return than kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom additions!

Wow prospective buyers!
Increased value is only one of several benefits that homes with new decking enjoy. Homes with decks made from quality materials and professionally installed, sell twice as quickly! Guests viewing your home will enjoy themselves relaxing in your home, while prospective buyers will be enticed by the ideal of entertaining on the patio, making your home stand out when considering an offer.

Easy to build and design.
Choosing and designing your custom deck is simple and affordable. Decks are relatively simple to care for and require only minimal yearly maintenance to keep their appeal.

You can enjoy a Woodscape Construction deck this season, giving an instant upgrade to your home. Contact us today to find out how.


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deckfurniture52215With creative planning and proper design, your deck can provide a comfortable, inviting outdoor space that's great for lazy afternoons, as well as family gatherings and entertaining. Choosing the right outdoor furniture can create a multi-functional space that will add years of outdoor possibilities and enjoyment to your home.

Most people want an outdoor space that balances relaxation with entertainment. Deciding how you want to use your deck will help you determine your furniture needs. If you just want to use the space for casual family gatherings, comfortable seating and a few side tables for snacks and drinks will be enough. However, if you plan to entertain outdoors, you may want to add a dining table and chairs, and even an outdoor kitchen.

When choosing your outdoor furniture, consider the materials and maintenance required.

• Wood – Natural wood works well with any architectural style. It's sturdy and comfortable, but it will require regular maintenance and preservative treatments for weather and UV protection. Choose weather-resistant woods like redwood, teak, cedar and cypress that require less maintenance.

• Rattan and Wicker – Natural materials like rattan and wicker provide a casual, comfortable look for your deck, but they will require weatherproofing every few years. Synthetic rattan and wicker has a resin finish that will last a lot longer.

• Steel and Wrought Iron – Both materials are extremely sturdy, but will need cushions for comfort. They're great for the outdoors, but will need to be painted or treated periodically with a weatherproof finish to prevent rust.

• Aluminum, Plastic and PVC – These materials are rustproof, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to maintain with a little soap and water. However, because of their lightweight construction, they may need to be secured in high winds and storms.

Size, Shape and Style
The size and shape of your outdoor furniture should be proportioned to the size of your deck. Look for styles and colors that compliment your home's architectural style and features. You're no longer limited to white or beige, outdoor furniture now comes in bright blues, summery yellows and bold reds.
If you plan to entertain, make sure you provide ample seating for guests. Include comfortable seating, tables for drinks, and lightweight chairs or ottomans that are easy to move around. If you add a dining table and chairs, make sure it doesn't overpower your deck and provides shade protection for dining on hot, sunny days.

Looking to design a custom deck? Let us help! Contact us today to see how we can create your perfect deck.


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