When to Replace Your DockA deck will add value and enjoyment to your home for years, but eventually, the time will come when you need to replace it. Age as well as exposure to the elements eventually take their toll, causing issues that could even become dangerous in some instances.

Some problems can be repaired, but if you see any of these issues, you may need to replace your deck with a new one:

Rotting boards
If you have a wood deck and boards that have become soft and spongy, it’s a sign that the material is rotting and needs to be replaced. Also check for orange dust, white strands, or crumbling on the wood, which can be evidence of dry rot.

Structural issues
Your deck is attached to your house by a ledger board. If it starts to lean away from the house, it could be in danger of collapsing. Also check the ledger board for signs of decay or hardware issues.

Insect infestation
Look for small holes on your deck boards, which could be evidence of termites or other insects. If it’s very limited, it may be possible to have only a board or two replaced, but if the damage is widespread, your entire deck may need to be replaced.

Damaged joists
Joists support your deck, so if the wood has become soft or you see evidence of rotting, they may need to be replaced. The damage will often extend to other parts of your deck as well. Damaged joists will usually make a deck replacement necessary anyway, because part of your deck will probably need to be torn up in order to replace the joists.

Cracked boards
Boards can crack over time and exposure to sun, wind, and rain. This can allow moisture to seep inside and cause your deck to rot.

Sometimes damage can be difficult to detect, so particularly if your deck is several years old, contact Woodscape Construction for a free consultation. Our professional carpenters repair and replace decks in Virginia and the District of Columbia. If you need to replace your deck – or you’re simply ready to upgrade – we also have an experienced team of Woodscape designers to help you plan the perfect deck to enjoy for years to come.

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Best Deck Builder Virginia
Woodscape is the premier choice for people who are seeking a Virginia deck company because we are great at what we do! We believe in delivering only the most exceptional, high-quality designs, materials, and aesthetics to each and every one of our clients, and the love we put into our work shows in our final products.

Here are just a few of the reasons we're the best Virginia deck company:

We Love Your Vision
When you work with our team, we understand that we're an extension of your imagination. We get excited when you have ideas or images that you want to see play out in real life, and we are always happy to help if you're staring at a blank canvass. The Woodscape team is diverse, and many of us have been here since the company first started, which means we bring experience and open-mindedness to the table. We would love to show you our portfolio of decks if you need a few ideas, or we can sit down and start planning ways to bring things already in your imagination to real life.

We are Reputable 
Woodscape Construction is not the kind of Virginia deck company that relies on advertising to get the word out about our work; we're proud to say that our customers do a lot of that marketing for us. We're very proud of our reputation, and we'd love to provide you with references and portfolio pictures any time you'd like to see them.

We are Diverse 
Our business is built on the idea of beautifying your outdoor space. This means that our team of carpenters, designers, and builders can accommodate requests for decks, porches, gazebos, patios, walls, and walkways. Each challenge makes us better, and we love opportunities that make us grow.

We Embrace Consultations & Estimates
The Woodscape team understands that there's a lot at stake when you are designing, building, or renovating your outdoor space. We offer design consultations and estimates at no charge for two reasons: We're confident in the work we do, and we love to educate our customers with the best options that can empower them to make the decisions that are right for their individual situations.

Are you seeking a Virginia deck company that cares about its customers as much as the work it does? You've come to the right place! Contact a member of our Woodscape Construction team today!

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Monday, 14 January 2013 15:38

Outdoor deck improvements, Virginia

0213d37f ce59 433f b707 0ae445559d41Making outdoor improvements is a more popular trend for homeowners now than ever before! Instead of expanding the interior footprint of their homes, many are choosing to expand the footprints of their decks instead. Homeowners are finished with remodeling the inside of their homes … they’re ready to spend more time enjoying their backyards. Like interior renovation,outdoor construction projects expand total living space while increasing home value. By choosing to expand on the exterior, people are more able to engage recreationally with their families, their yards and their neighbors. 

An important question to consider when designing a deck is how to make the outdoor living space more desirable and entertainment ready. Many are opting for outdoor kitchens, fire pits and hot tubs. Multilevel decks with dining areas on one level, and seating areas on another are popular trends.

Creative deck designs always utilize the maximum amount of space in the yard. And shouldn’t a homeowner want to use as much of their yard as possible, given the amount of money paid for every inch of it?

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